Localization to CIS Languages

Software Localization to CIS Languages

Freelance Translation studio offers software localization services to Russian and other CIS languages. Our team of professional localizers to CIS languages adapts a software product to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of the markets in CIS countries.  Software localization is a complex task. It is not a mere translation.

 bird80x60-12 A Software product that has been localized to CIS languages has the look and feel of a product originally written and desgined for the target CIS markets.

Our software localization company uses such software localization tool as SDL Passolo. With the help of this software localization tool within 5 years we have provided our customers with a number of software localization, video game localization and other game localization. SDL Passolo offers software localization tool required to localize all elements contained in the software, including strings, menus, dialogs, bitmaps and icons. With this software localization tool SDL Passolo our software localization company can create localized software versions to CIS languages without requiring access to the source text files or the development environment used for the developing the software. We are also very proud to offer Free Translation Online.

Games Localization to CIS Languages

Our team of games localization providers can offer cross-cultural optimization so that your game could reach a larger audience in CIS countries. We can offer assistance in running cross-culural research and advice on local preferences and legal requirements/restrictions.

 bird80x60-12 Our team of video game localization providers always consider target audience of CIS countries, culture and message during the localization process.

In this way our CIS team can provide you with creative translation and transcreation which reflects the spirit of your game.

Website Localization to CIS Languages

Does your site appear in a single language? Or is it partially translated to CIS languages? Or translated with the help of automated translation tool? If the answers are positive, then you should reconsider your website. In general the reaction of customers from Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries towards a poorly executed multilingual website is very negative. It potentially threatens revenues.

 bird80x60-12 Today it is essential to develop a website which is carefully crafted to meet specific local needs and requirements.

But many companies make very similar mistake: they just develop the main site in English and translate it later, this approach makes it very difficult for an organization to effectively promote its messaging, products and brand to an audience in CIS countries.

To reach this goal it is important to develop localization strategy for successful website localization. Our localization company offers you website localization services which include website localization best practices:

• Translation: refers to the process of transforming content linguistically from one language to CIS languages taking into consideration competitive keywords in the corresponding CIS countries

• Localization: refers to the process of adapting content to the tastes and requirements of local markets.

• Regionalization: involves changes that cut across multiple local markets.