Translating content in your email campaigns with MailChimp

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Each time, when you run promotion campaigns, you are eager to target them at as many people as possible and convert your subscribers from readers into buyers. In this respect, translating content is crucial for a great outcome. Yet, success does not fall from the skies, and there is a certain strategy to do the [...]

Localizing Email Campaigns with Google Translate

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Each seller or provider intends to expand their businesses globally sooner or later. The main task is to let their potential customers know about their goods and services. Even a greater challenge is to convince them to buy and to think that their offer is a great deal they can’t miss. You still have a [...]

7 easiest languages to learn for English speakers

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If you have made up your mind to learn a foreign language, you may be proud of yourself. Either you decided to do it as a hobby or because you need it for your work or studies, this intention will bring you certain benefits in your life. Every beginning is difficult, so start with small [...]

What is Localization?

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The localization process has significantly evolved over the years. As a Russian translator and localization specialist, I have had to personally go through this evolution to truly understand how to best meet my customers’ requirements and help them grow their business with my services. Most website owners and marketing managers I spoke to are unaware [...]

Top 4 Benefits of Localization For your Business

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We live in an era of globalization. And every website owner should be ready for this global growth. Your product looks fabulous and your website is ready to run with eye catching visuals and amazing content in English. Your website grabs everyone’s attention without considering long distances. English is the world’s international language spoken by [...]

Random Facts About Me

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50 Random Facts About Me And My Life I was born in 1976. I’ve got Master’s Degree in Linguistics (English, German). I started to work as a Russian translator in 2000. The first company I worked for was Dublin City Language Services. I have set up a special summer offer for translation services for the [...]

SEO Case Study

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This SEO case study effort is the first to take an in-depth look exclusively at the ways how to increase organic traffic to a website through localization services into Russian. “Can’t read, won’t buy” – everybody heard this. This is a formula to success for many businesses who want to increase organic traffic and reach [...]

How To Count Words On A Website

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Website translation projects like any other translation projects are paid by the word. Counting words on a website can be a real pain. One of my customers told me that they usually have to open a Microsoft Word and cut-and-paste the website into it to get the word count. But this is a very tedious [...]

Translation And Localization: Google’s Top Searches

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As we get closer to the end of the year, and 2019 is almost within sight, it’s a great time for New Year resolutions to maximize your performance as a freelance translator, as well as a business owner looking for freelance translator services. If you are a freelance translator, in this post, you will find [...]

Translator Skills

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Important Skills To Succeed As A Freelance TranslatorYou already know that the only way to reach the direct customers is to create freelance translator online presence. But how do you create your online presence? And what can you do to be visible in the top of Google? Well, that’s exactly what I am going to [...]