Doing Business In Russia

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Doing business in Russia is not easy. Companies that succeed, do two things very well: First, they translate their websites to Russian. Second, they promote their products and services in Russian to the Russian-speaking target audience on the social media. But you’re probably wondering: “English is the international language. Everybody speaks English. What are the [...]

Translation Glossary

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Translation glossary: around 38% of all Russian website translation project costs arise from rework caused by inconsistent terminology, lack of brand identity and time-consuming processes. What to do and how to get high-quality website localization services to Russian? Translation Glossary: Four Reasons That You Should Use Keeping website translation into Russian consistent ensures that each [...]

SEO Tips

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Many translators think that when they set up a website, they will get direct customers straight away. Here is the truth: Just because you have launched a freelance translator website doesn’t automatically mean you are going to get direct clients. Creating an online presence and launching a freelance translator website equals neither direct customers nor [...]

Russian Birth Certificate Translation Template

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Russian birth certificate translation services into English can be costly. As a rule, there are about 100 words there, and translation agencies charge you almost 50 USD for Russian translation service. Sounds, too much, right? In my blog, I always try to give best tips on how to save on Russian translator services. This might [...]

Organic Traffic

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The easiest way to double organic traffic either to your website or App is by expanding to the Russian-speaking market. It is one of the biggest markets in the world with more than 168 mln users. But how to define whether the Russian-speaking users are your buyers? And whether it is worth investing in translating [...]

Win A Freelance Translator Business Starter Kit | Russian Translator

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Win A Freelance Translator Business Starter Kit My main goal is to make students’, graduates’ and young translators’ lives better across the globe. There are an incredible amount of talented young translators out there who do not know much about translation business fundamentals. This contest will give everyone an opportunity [...] Win A Freelance Translator [...]

How to drive more traffic to a translator website | Russian Translator

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How To Drive More Traffic To A Translator Website Every translator wants to have a website that attracts visitors like a magnet. Everyone wants to see dozens of comments, hundreds of shares and thousands of weekly visits, right? You create your website; you fill it with valuable content, you add some [...] How to drive [...]

5 Secrets To Translate English to Russian Cost-Effectively

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5 Secrets To Translate English to Russian Cost-Effectively The need to translate English to Russian online have skyrocketed over the past couple of decades. Thus, effective cost strategies have never been in greater demand than it is now. As part of my experience and my intention to meet the world changes, [...] 5 Secrets To [...]

5 Easy Ways To Save On Russian Translator Services

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5 Easy Ways To Save On Russian Translator Services The cost of Russian translator services constantly varies depending on the project. Regardless of the scope, there are a few steps you can take to keep expenses at a minimum. Beyond quantity (the bigger the project, the bigger the discount), turnaround (rush [...] 5 Easy Ways [...]

10 Ways To Outsource The Best German Russian Translator

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10 Ways To Outsource The Best German Russian Translator Searching for a professional German Russian translator is tricky. If you hire a translation company or agency, you will have to pay them big bucks. On the other hand, you can source freelancers who offer services at cheap rates, but the quality [...] 10 Ways To [...]