Ideas to reduce bounce rate and increase engagement through Russian translation

Provide Russian translation for your products

Good Russian translation of a website is a sign to many consumers that you provide quality goods, services or Apps. Quality content in Russian will build trust to your company in the Russian market. For Russian-speaking users it means that you care about Russian-speaking customers and you are ready to make investments into customer satisfaction.

Translate return policy into Russian

Russian-speaking consumers always check the return policy before making a purchase. Therefore, make sure it is written in clear Russian language and follows the rules in the Russian Federation or in any other countries where Russian is an official language

Add and translate “Guest Check-out” into Russian

Russian consumers do not like to register on websites and leave their information. Most of them prefer using guest check-out. Make sure, there is an option for guest checkout on your website and translate it into Russian.

Provide content relevant for Russian-speaking consumers

As you know, content is very important. With the help of the keywords it will bring you new clients from the Russian market. And if the content is well written and meets all the requirements of the Russian culture, then it will keep Russian-speaking users on your website for a long time. In this way you will manage to increase your website conversion, reduce bounce rate and improve engagement.