3 reasons to use Russian translator services when expanding to the Russian market

russian translator

1) Russian translator will help you reach new customers

The Russian market is very attractive for any kind of businesses. There are more than 160 mln Russian-speaking consumers there. But many companies from Europe and USA fail to establish business in Russia. The reason is simple: consumers in Russia prefer doing online shopping in their own language. Therefore, Russians prefer browsing the Internet shops which are in Russian.

If you want the target Russian-speaking audience find you on the Russian web through Google search results or Yandex, if you want them to stay on your website and browse it, you have to speak the language of your target audience. Thus, it is essential to translate your website from English into Russian.

2) With Russian translator services you can increase organic traffic to your website

Russian users make Google search in Russian. In general, according to the latest statistics, there are only 30% who can speak English and that doesn’t indicate that they are ready to spend money online in English. If your website is not translated into Russian, it means that Russian people will never know that your goods, services or your Apps have ever existed.

The translated content into Russian must contain keywords relevant to your niche in the Russian market. These keywords will drive the traffic from Google and Yandex search results to your website. Only with the help of the right keyword localization you will be able to attract potentially new Russian-speaking customers to your online business.

3) Localized website will improve your website conversion rate

Imagine you are traveling in a faraway country, outside of your comfort zone. You are enjoying the sights and sounds and smells, but you know you are a stranger in a strange land. Then, you hear someone speaking your native language. Immediately, you turn to see who it is, and you smile, because you feel at home with this person who knows your language.

This example shows how our native language can affect our behavior and influence our purchasing habits online. Website localization into Russian can help Russian-speaking users feel at home when traveling to your website. Your brand and products instantly become more familiar, and a user enjoys browsing your website clicking on the links and checking information in Russian.