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Keyword research is the foundation of all digital marketing practices. Keywords in Russian will bring new customers from Google search results and will help you expand in the Russian market.

  • Goods – we check what keywords Russian people use to search for the goods like yours
  • Services – we search for keywords that Russian users use to search for services similar to yours
  • Application – we search for keywords that Russian users use while searching for Apps like yours

We pride themselves on the ability to dig through millions of websites to get the best information for our customers who want to establish themselves in the Russian market.


Competitive analysis plays an important role in shaping the marketing strategies to expand in the new market. The competitive analysis will help reveal your strengths and shortcomings in the Russian-speaking market.

  • Goods – we will check whether Russian people will buy your goods
  • Services – we will check whether Russian-speaking users will be interested in your services
  • Applications – We will analyze whether Russians will want to download your Apps

We can translate English to Russian. But before every project starts, we can also check whether you need to invest into localization or not, so that you could avoid useless costs.


We translate and localize from English into Russian so that the target audience will be able to find you in Google search results in Russia. We can assure you that your investments into Russian localization will never be useless!

  • Goods – your goods will speak the language of the target audience
  • Services – your services will speak Russian to reach the target audience
  • Applications – your Apps will be visible to the Russian audience

We implement SEO and localization tools to provide quality language services and to meet our customers’ expectations and make their investments profitable.


To translate English to Russian is not an easy task. Quality control is also difficult and important. Unlike other companies, we can boost localization efficiency by providing smart testing solutions.

  • Testing capabilities – Functional, Linguistic + Usability Testing
  • Quality management – Linguistic Review + Language Quality Assurance (LQA)
  • Testing platforms – for mobile devices, browsers, virtual, desktops + servers

We will help you launch your products faster in Russia. With our LQA we can make sure that the content translated into Russian meets functional, linguistic and usability requirements. And the content looks and feels like it was created by Russian-speaking developers.

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